Subhamay Basu

Website Development

I work with e-commerce brands that have a lifestyle focus. With a lifestyle brand, the marriage of great design and a stellar shopping experience is essential. My first step includes in-depth market research and a review of your analytics to understand current buying trends and user patterns. From there, I use my expertise in design and user experience to create a site that not only elevates your brand but is focused on conversions.

Mitan Ghosh is an US based fashion designer. We worked for her website. She needs a e-commerce website with simple look and feel.

Raj Bose is an eminent US based photographer. His clicks are very colourfull so we follow a minimalistic look for his website.

Alamenti is one of the Asia’s biggest leather sofa manufacturer. They have done a e-commerce store with their wide range of expensive products.

Kalkatte Vaali is a small online boutique store. They mainly deal with products which belongs to Kolkata, West Bengal. Kalighat Patachitra is one of their exclusive product.

Working with an artist is very interesting. Srikanta Paul is an acclaimed woodcut print artist. Projecting his works in different domain was very challenging for us.

Sumitabha Pal is an Associate Professor in Viswa Bharati, Kala Bhawana, Santiniketan. Sumitabha is a sculptor and we did his e-commerce site.

Financewisezy is a wealth management company. They deal with different finds of financial products.

Chef Sunshine is a renowned chef. She did her Grand Diplome in Cuisine and Pastissiere from Le Cordon Bleu, London.

Web Corridor is one of our own IP. Here we are serving small and medium scale enterprises with low cost websites. This effort is backed by an NGO with 80G and if anyone build their website through this organisation then they will get a tax deduction U/s 80G and the money will be utilised for some social cause.

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